Shoppers love click & collect

Isn't time you started offering it?

Introducing Tap & Collect, the pay-as-you-go, hyper-local

click & collect solution that builds great customer relationships.   

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You're a local business. You have great stock, amazing prices

and you want more shoppers in your store.

Place hyper local offers 

Target local shoppers with offers that are relevant and instantly available for collection from your store. We automatically find the nearest potential customers and automatically alert them when you have offers that suit them.

Increase your revenues

With Tap & Collect, you will reach new shoppers and connect again with existing customers. We help people to visit store and it provide you with a perfect opportunity to sell more. Click & collect shoppers spend up to an extra £27 per visit.

Pay as you go

There are no set up costs and you only pay for successful transactions. We offer on-demand, pre-payment or monthly subscription options.

An amazing experience for shoppers

Discover relevant offers

Founder & CEO. Having worked in some of New York's biggest agencies, Daniel's radical vision required a newfound venture.

Reserve instantly

Creative Director and Co-Founder, Joseph's years of experience bring a unique and distinguished look to our varied client projects.

Collect and pay in store

Artistic Director and lover of cats, Alice's keen sense of style informs our overall visual direction. She has worked in agencies across the country.

We use geofences

Geofences are shapes you draw on a map

Using a geofence lets you select a notification zone for your offer. With Tap & Collect, you can have any size, shape or number of geo-fences. Just draw them on the map.

When people are inside the geofence, they get an instant message when your offer is relevant to them.

Over 50% of shoppers want click & collect*

48% of shoppers would be influenced by in-store offers

For British, Dutch, and French consumers, using click & collect “prevents wasted trips to stores” and removes the risk that the store could be out of stock of the item they want. Indeed, 48% of Forrester’s survey respondents stated they would likely be influenced by special deals or discounts in-store

59% of shoppers want to collect in an hour or less

European consumers are becoming an increasingly expectant bunch. 59% of respondents say they anticipate their online orders being ready for collection from a store within an hour of purchase.

54% prefer click and collect over other options

Surveying over 15,000 adults from the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain, Forrester research found that 54% of consumers prefer click-and-collect over other options when purchasing online.

25% of people make additional purchases in store

Click & collect is cited by Forrester as a great method for encouraging customers to make additional purchases. UK fashion retailer River Island is noted for its success in this area, with 25% of click & collect customers making additional purchases when collecting from River Island stores.

*Forrester Research, European Consumer Technographics Retail Survey 1, January 2016


Advanced geofencing

Simple offer targeting

Offer management

Insights and analytics

Customer management

Flexible user groups

User defined topics

Support channels

Over 50% of shoppers want click & collect

Even more importantly, click & collect shoppers spend up to an extra £27 per visit.

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