About Us

Founded in Edinburgh in Scotland, Bubbal makes it easier to publish hyper-local content and connect with customers, visitors and potential consumers. 

Who founded Bubbal?

Bubbal was founded by Mark Sorsa-Leslie and Paul Byrne. Both are Chartered Surveyors who have worked in property, finance and software development. We were joined by exceptionally talented developers Marcin Biolik and Craig Snowden and to create a fantastic founding team based in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Bubbal was borne out of the desire to bring together location, mobility and messaging to create a seamless marketing medium that is easier to use than anything on the market.

Isn't it just another advertising tool?

No - we a passionate about bringing you the right action or transaction at the right time. One of the key ideas of Bubbal is that the user should be able to actual do something instantly - it could be reserve a product, buy a ticket, report an incident or check in to a hotel. Bringing you the right action at the right time is good for you and for businesses that want to connect with you.

What does it cost to use Bubbal?

If you want to share information on the map - completely free. If you want to conduct transactions, we give you free credits to try it out and if you like it you can buy more credits. One transaction = 1 credit and a bundle of 10 credits costs £2.50 at the moment.

What can I publish to Bubbal?

Today you can add messages, images, events and offers. We are focusing our efforts to help High Street retailers publish stock availability to the local area and encourage people to visit their store - but if you want to add your content to the map you can do that today.

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