A powerful self-service hyperlocal visitor solution

Bubbal can help you fill empty seats, increase ticket sales and boost visitor engagement

Connect with your audience

Perfect for early birds or last minute flash sales, you can use flexible geofences, custom groups, specific topics and time scheduling to connect with your local audience on-demand. 

Attract visitors with offers

Digital flyers. Now you can put the right button to  in front of the right people, instantly. Use our built-in actions to reserve seats, buy tickets or collect limited edition digital products.

Engage your visitors

Create visitor experiences that delight customers. Use our user-defined paths technology to create tours and guides that entertain, inform and engage your visitors and boost your revenues.  

How do you attract people to visit your venue?

Bubbal works with your paper-based flyers and lets you track visitor uptake. 

In two parts and in two places, we call them golden tickets.

Push a message from your leaflet

When visitors are close to your leaflet on the information rack, we send them a message with information on how to collect your offer.

You have to visit to collect the offer

We deliver the offer, but keep it blurred until the visitor is close enough. The mystery content is revealed when they arrive at your venue.

All is revealed!

When the visitor arrives they can collect their offer. You also collect information about where and when your offers were collected.

The easiest way to put yourself on the map

With Bubbal you can combine web, mobile and social channels to put your content on the map and connect more easily with potential visitors .

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